When Coors Light launched the reFRESH campaign, Grammy Award winner DJ Dahi was tasked with crafting a theme for the brand's new direction. Featured across the campaign's commericals, the mystery "Drop" track gained viral buzz but was no where to be heard on the internet. To solve that problem, my team not only introduced the genre fluid production but also told its story in 3 phases...beyond the commercials. 
Creative Team: Mark Graham, Schylerr Gilmore & Shawn Gadley
PHASE 1: Releasing the "Drop" track was all about optimization of placement. To achieve that, we announced the track's release across social channels with an option to simply press to play. And to open up authentict shareability, "Drop" was released and sourced initially from DJ Dahi's Soundcloud page.
PHASE 2: To Get Inside the "Drop" my partner and I shot & directed "reFRESHing Sound with DJ Dahi"-- A #CLreFRESH digital short going inside of DJ Dahi's L.A. inspirations, experimental hip-hop, and his "Drop" creative process.
PHASE 3: Visualizing "Drop" was the final piece of the bringing the track to life. Working with famed director Lorenzo De Guia, a cinematic music video was created to truly showcase the genre fluid nature of "Drop" and it's anthemic power
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