Shawn Gadley

creative X word. visual x action.

Ferguson, MO circa 1977. Anna Wintour and Muhammad Ali meet during a layover and create a secret love child. After 8 months of panic, they cryo-freeze their creation until the world was ready for such a hybrid. 11 years later he’s reborn with a gold-laced pencil in his hand and no memory of this contrived origin story. 

Since his (314) departure, Shawn’s been cultured in the arts of multimedia. Communication studies at the Harvard of the Midwest. International ethnographic presentations. Kirksville's first Bacon Festival. A master’s degree in strategic communication. Diversity awards courtesy the 4A’s. And a quaff that rivals David Lynch’s Eraserhead.... just sayin'. 

Currently, he spends more nights than days evolving into what the future of the advertising is thirsting for. A postmodern sage that asks “what if?” in a room full of suits to lead them away from the routine. A writer driven by the fusion of insight and imagination. An all around creative for culture. Not just underrepresented culture or even popular culture— but a transcultural translator with a middle name gifted by America’s native art form.

~Shawn Advertising Gadley
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