shawn gadley, MA

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Ferguson, MO circa 1977:
Anna Wintour and Muhammad Ali lock eyes during a layover and make a secret love child, mile high. After 8 months of panic, they cryo-freeze their creation, knowing the world couldn't be ready for such a hybrid. More than a decade later he’s reborn with a gold-laced pencil and no memory of this contrived origin story. 
Since departing from the 314, Shawn’s been cultured in the arts of multimedia. Comm studies at the Harvard of the Midwest. International ethnographic presentations. Award-winning short films. A mean green graduate degree. Diversity awards courtesy the 4A’s. And a quaff that rivals David Lynch’s Eraserhead....       so he's been told.
Currently, this urban millennial spends more nights than days evolving into what the world is thirsting for.                                                                                                 A solutionist crashing everyday at the intersection of logic and pure imagination.                                                                                                                                         A futurist that just so happens to push a pencil and pixels.                                                                                                                                                                              A transcultural translator with a middle name gifted by America'$ true art form...
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