Dare to Design for your chance to win a hand-drawn Doja designed Partybox, plus other Doja prizes. For challenge #1, design a product with “Jibble Jibble” as your inspo & check back for a new challenge, like soon af. Go Jibble Jibble! JBL.com/JBLxME #JBLDareToDesignContest

Dare to get trippy with design challenge #2. Take “Funky Decorations” as your inspo & design your vision on a product to WIN at JBL.com/JBLxME #JBLDareToDesignContest

Eggnog🐮 gulp it, splash it, jpeg it. @DojaCat wants you to create your thicc cream vision on a speaker for the chance to win epic Doja prizes JBL.com/JBLxME #JBLDareToDesignContest

@DojaCat is itching for your design like an ugly sweater. Show us your cringiest “Ugly Ass Sweaters” creation at JBL.com/JBLxME for the chance to win epic Doja prizes. Not like anyone’s judging you or anything 😼#JBLDareToDesignContest

Dare to get nice with your naughty creation❄☠. Let “Naughty List” lead the way as your inspo & design on a product for the chance to WIN at JBL.com/JBLxME #JBLDareToDesignContest

For challenge # 6, Dare to keep it nutty... or not. No judgment.. wellll kinda. Just design a product with “Nut Crackers” as your inspo and WIN at JBL.com /JBLxME #JBLDareToDesignContest

Almost time to wrap up @DojaCat ’s #JBLDareToDesignContest. For this final challenge, design your own wrapping paper themed design on a JBL product for your last chance at Doja themed prizes. JBL.com/JBLxME That’s a wrap on that!🎁

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